CSR As Mythology


  • Dr. Jeffrey Henderson Monarch Business School Switzerland


The article brings to the foreground several issues existing within the state of affairs of CSR study that force a re-evaluation of the efforts produced by academics and scholars within the domain. Principally, the issue that academics since the early 1950s have felt the need to take a secular view of an inherently moral discourse is shown to have yielded sparse advances in the field of business in society literature up to present day. Coupled with the application of adherence to anachronistic social myths the domain of CSR study has been stripped of its soul by those very people charged with its livelihood. This fact is illustrated to be the limiting factor behind the study of CSR and the primary reason why many investigators claim that the domain of CSR study is presently bankrupt.

The contributions of Dr. Joseph Campbell and his theories of mythos as applied to the domain of CSR studies is highlighted. The premise is addressed that true social change will not take place until society replaces the anachronistic archetypical myths that reinforce the orientation of conflict based economic systems for those of a more cooperative form. Inspiration for change can be found in the timeless writings of major figures such as management Guru Peter Drucker who is shown to have taken a homo-centric view of the practice of management, as compared to the oft-cited writings of Milton Freidman who champions the profit-centered view that tends to deny corporate social responsibility.

Author Biography

Dr. Jeffrey Henderson, Monarch Business School Switzerland


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Dr. Jeffrey Henderson holds the position of Professor of Business Ethics and Dean of the School. Dr. Henderson was an affiliate professor at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France and lecturer for real estate finance within the Faculty of Management at McGill University. Dr. Henderson holds a D.Phil. in Business Research from Monarch Business School, a Doctor of Political Economy from SMC University, a Doctorandus (Drs.) and MBA from Nijenrode University in The Netherlands as well as a Bachelor of Commerce with distinction from McGill University in Montreal.

Dr. Henderson has held Vice-President and managerial positions within the commercial real estate industry with Bentall Capital, Brookfield Properties, Kolter Properties, KPMG Canada LLP, and Reichmann International. His academic interest include: Corporate Social Responsibility, Real Estate Development, Austrian Economics and Catholic Social Theory.

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