The Dismounted Soldier

A Critical Analysis On The Associated Complications with Load Carriage System Design to Protect And Increase Survivability


  • Mr. Alain Bujold, MPhil


The dismounted solider is faced with many challenges in terms of having an effective and efficient means of carrying load. The solider can be expected to carry up to 120lbs extra weight on top of their current body weight. Furthermore, the solider must travel by foot with this additional weight thorough various dangers and alternative terrains for large distances. In addition, mobile warfare requires more supplementary equipment leading to the solider being unable to manage the overload. Despite of the advances in technology, there has been little progress in understanding the associated physiological and biomechanical aspects of heavy load carriage. The current means of load carriage systems has impeded solider mobility and therefore, has led to lower body injury and in some cases death. There has been little progress within the research made in reducing the impact of solder load. The military is now considering its options to reduce the overall weight by redesigning every item that the soldier carries.

Author Biography

Mr. Alain Bujold, MPhil


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Mr. Alain Bujold is a graduate of the Master of Philosophy in Business Research program at Monarch. He is a C-Level Executive with 20 years of experience in leading, managing and overseeing the operations of Mawashi Science & Technology, a cutting-edge Defense Research and Development (R&D) firm. A designer of new product development, Mr. Bujold has run over 118 Innovative Projects in the Defense & Security Industry.

With his team, he has developed several groundbreaking products and technologies, notably: Advanced Load-Carriage Exoskeleton, General Service Respirator, Combat Helmet Suspension System, and Personal Thermoregulation System. Mr. Bujold is also a Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Specialist with a unique expertise in Human Physiology and Vulnerability, Human Factors & Ergonomics, Advanced Materials & Technologies, and Impact Management (Blunt-Trauma, Stab, Ballistic, and Fragmentation).

Dismounted Soldier: Load Carriage Systems






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